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Cell and Organ Transplantology
Vol 1, № 1


Stem cells for neonatal hypoxic-ischemic injury

Carroll James

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Allogenic umbilical cord blood transplantation for a child with chromosomal abnormality: a case report

Jae Sun Shim, Kyounghoon Min, MinYoung Kim

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Autologous umbilical cord blood cells for newborn infants with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy

Lee Jiun

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Stem cell transplantations – Famicord Group own experience

Gladysz D., Pawelec K., Baran J., Boruczkowski D.

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Cell transplantation: regulatory aspects, prospects and trends in the clinical use

Polyachenko Y. B., Nikonenko O. S., Salyutin R. V., Komarov M. P., Palyanitsya S. S., Boris R. M.

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Acellular matrix as a substrate for tissue-engineered graft of heart valve

Popandopulo A. G., Petrova M. V.

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Cell technologies in reproductology, obstetrics and gynecology

Nasadyuk C. M.

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Phenotypic heterogenecity of hematopoietic progenitor cells from placental tissue: comarative analysis with umbilical cord blood and fetal liver

Kuchma M., Shablii V., Kyryk V., Onishchenko A., Shablii Yu., Lukash L., Lobintseva G.

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Effects of tissue neurotransplantation on sceletal muscle tone restoration after experimental mechanical injury of the cerebellum

Tsymbaliuk V. I., Medvediev V. V., Senchyk Yu. Yu.

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Effect of neural stem cell transplantation on cognitive functions of mice after cerebral ischemia-reperfusion

Tsupykov O. M., Kyryk V. M., Rybachuk O. A., Poberezhnyi P. A., Mamchur A. A., Butenko G. M., Pivneva T. A., Skibo G. G.

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Effect of a water soluble derivative of fullerene C60 on the features neural progenitor cells in vitro

Rybachuk О. А., Levin R. E., Кyryk V. М., Susarova D. K., Tsupykov О. M., Smozhanik E. G., synthesis assignment https://theessayclub.com Butenko G. M., Skibo G. G., Troshin P. A., Pivneva Т. А.

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