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A new porous hydrogel could boost the success of stem-cell-based tissue regeneration

Stem cell therapies are often limited by low survival of transplanted stem cells and the lack of precise control over their differentiation into the terminal cell types needed to repair or replace injured tissues. Now, a team led by Wyss Institute Core Faculty member David Mooney, Ph.D., has developed a new strategy – embedding stem cells into porous, transplantable hydrogels – that has experimentally improved bone repair by boosting the survival rate of transplanted stem cells and influencing their cell differentiation.

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Control Embryonic Stem Cells With Light

UC San Francisco researchers have for the first time developed a method to precisely control embryonic stem cell differentiation with beams of light, enabling them to be transformed into neurons in response to a precise external cue.

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Hybrid hepatocytes regenerate the liver without giving rise to cancer

A new study has revealed a previously unidentified group of cells that can regenerate liver tissue without forming tumors. Previously, researchers believed that a group of adult stem cells known as oval cells were responsible for the liver’s renowned regenerative properties, but it has since been proven that these stem cells develop into bile duct cells.

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Tiny beating human heart made from scratch

The micro-hearts are around half a millimetre in diameter, and each has its own ventricle-like chamber. It’s the first time that researchers have managed to create three-dimensional heart-like organs in the lab from stem cells alone, without using any sort of scaffold to create the organ’s shape.

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