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The Journal “Cell and Organ Transplantology” will become unique in Ukraine as it should consolidate researchers and clinicians for a fruitful cooperation to develop a positive clinical view in the field of organ transplantology and cell therapy.

This journal is designed primarily for the professionals working in the above branches of science and technology, for the physicians who in recent years have started using cell technologies in medicine.

The editorial board accept for publication the reviews, experimental original articles and clinical trials  results, methodological recommendations and brief communications. All articles publish in English. Cell and Organ Transplantology is available in the printed and on-line versions.

Coverage includes:
  • Recent major achievements in the field of organs, tissues and cells transplantation.
  • Organ transplantation: liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, lungs, and others, multiple-organ transplantation.
  • Cell and tissue transplantation: hematopoietic stem cells, multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells, umbilical cord blood, skin, cornea etc.
  • Tissue engineering for regenerative medicine.
  • Regulatory issues and legal perspectives in transplantation and cell technology.
  • Information section.

By uniting our efforts we shall be able to most objectively inform the public about the state-of-art in cell and tissue technologies, both in Ukraine and worldwide.

According to the Decree of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 1279 dated 06.11.2014, the journal “Cell and organ transplantology” is included in the list of of scientific publications in Ukraine specialized in medicine and biology.

The journal “Cell and organ transplantology” publish by the support of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine